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Photo by Mo Eid on
Rebecca Macijeski,
The Girl’s Dream Journal, July 2022
Photo by Chait Goli on
Sonia Nicholson,
some things maybe, July 2022
Photo by Du01b0u01a1ng Nhu00e2n on
Laurie Koensgen,
My Paces, July 2022
Kelp forest, Ardtoe by David Baird is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0
É.G.N. Lafleur,
Caedmon’s Hymn, July 2022
Conyer Clayton
Restful as a hornet,
July 2022
Image by JanetAB from Pixababy
Kim Fahner
When the bees fly out of your mouth,
July 2022

ISSUE 1.1 Contributor Interviews

Rachel Barduhn
Mango of My Eye, April 2022

Frances Boyle
Springing, April 2022

Ayesha Chatterjee
The Bluest Bower, April 2022

William Doreski
Tyrannus Rex, April 2022

Amelia Gorman

Ice goes out, April 2022

Catherine Graham

Pluck a Raindrop Before its Fall, April 2022

Lauren Hilger & Dionissios Kollias

Highlighted by a low, yellow light, April 2022

By Karl Thomas Moore - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Jessica Lee McMillan

Money Tree, April 2022

Sage Ravenwood

Pulp, April 2022

Michael Russell

lilith, April 2022

Photo by Ravi Kant on

Rebecca Siegel

Exposure, April 2022

Mothering in the time of Covid, April 2022

Photo by Thiago Schlemper on

Samuel Strathman

One Rainy Afternoon, April 2022

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