Wind Whipples up
the Lake that follows Storm.
Cold ice sheets
at waters edge
Reflections in the heart.
The forest in breath
Sharp and chill
the Out breath
Steaming with an inner warm.
Mid lake emerge Trunks
of Green felt Growth
Reflected now to other worlds
of upside down
of wrong but right
As long as Sun
or Moon give light
a Chance to catch a glimpse
of other worlds
not known
Yet so familiar.

ARTISTS STATEMENT: ‘Reflections’ is from a series entitled ‘When the Trees Speak’, which examines the collaboration between photography and nature, through an immersion within the natural environment. The resulting images represent a photographic journey both literally & figuratively, inviting the viewer to linger their gaze while contemplating Sandy’s accompanying poetry.  ‘Reflections’ was taken with an Ondu 6×6 pocket pinhole camera, Fomapan 100 film in Milland, West Sussex, UK, with the poem created at the same time.

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