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Some people think they come down from the sky (4), (8), (15)
                                          / David Cundy
A Moment with Vikings
Van Gogh Making Wheatfield under Thunderclouds
                                         / Gina Fuchs
In Late August
                                        / Małgosia Halliop
                                        / Ami Xherro
even today 
                                        / Susan J. Atkinson
Losing Track
                                        / Bernard Pearson
                                        / Ivan Domaratskiy
Conversation during Lockdown
                                        / Catherine Davidson
spill shadow
                                        / Michael Buebe
Judd Country (Marfa, Texas)
                                        / Terry Giáng Tiên Nguyễn
ars poetica
                                        / Emily Kellogg
Yates Mill
Out on a Limb
                                       / Chris Coker
Carried Inside
                                       / Pamela Mosher
Notes to Myself on Chore Day
                                        / Jenny Wong
The writing instructor tells me to focus on my endings
                                        / Angeline Schellenberg
                                       / Masha Koyama
View of the Borisoglebsky Monastery
                                      / Andrey Loshkarev
                                      / Margaret Shultz
And the Sea
                                      / Kushal Poddar
Gathering Shadows
                                      / Tom Barlow
Early and all in a minute
                                     / Lee Potts
Tule Springs
                                     / Jim McGleeson
To Love What Is
                                    / Nancy Huggett
                                    / Thomas Mixon
                                    / Patrick Grace
Snow Angels
                                    / Richard-Yves Sitoski
One Act with the Night Wolf
                                    / Elana Wolff
These coasts are ghosts, highways in between
                                   / Ren Pike
Blue Bridge
                                   / Igor Stepanitch
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cover image: Olginsky, by Dimitriy Abramaov, pinhole cap modified Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III, ISO 200 2 sec

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