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The Unstable Element (1)
			 / Torsten Richter		
The Bonfire’s Supper   
			/ Matt Hsu
Courtship of Land and Sky
			/ Dawn Macdonald
A happy birthday
			/ Dorothy Lune
Great Blue Heron
			/ Dave Wise
Restful as a hornet
			/ Conyer Clayton
When the bees fly out of your mouth
			/ Kim Fahner
My Paces
			/ Laurie Koensgen
extremophile: a trintina 
			/ Grace Epstein
The Unstable Element (2)
			/ Torsten Richter
The Girl’s Dream Journal
			/ Rebecca Macijeski
Caedmon’s Hymn
			/ É.G.N. Lafleur
Effexor Withdrawal Variations
			/ Paul Edward Costa
Billy Childish
			/ Dave Wise
Happiness Loop 
			/ Cassandra Whitaker
			/ Patrick Wright
some things maybe
			/ Sonia Nicholson
would you like to come over?
			/ Katey Linskey 
The Unstable Element (3)
			/ Torsten Richter
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cover image: Photograph of a camera obscura image: the New Royal Palace at Prague Castle projected on an attic wall through a small hole in the tile roofing, creative commons license, user GAMPE.

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