A Happy Birthday

Watch his new fidget spinner like a recently discovered 
coppered miniature mars with three rings; red ring silver ring 
red ring, when rotating. 

                         Drink lined pink moscato one 
                         by one with smooth aviation. 

Watch the parchment metal skin folds of his helium balloon— 
it whooshing left & right like a tortoise. 

                         Listen with a cup on the door to the 
                         blue flare & ivory crackle of a candle. 

Watch the ice cream cake in its melange swirlings as if it were 
a pale-haired piñata. 

                         Eat a strawberry bon bon & tilt your 
                                head to the contrasting sugar & 
                         lemon like a cat hearing a doorbell—
                                      chime chime, for the third time.

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