Welcome to Pinhole Poetry! I am so happy to be able to share the poems and beautiful photographs that appear in this inaugural issue. The poems are so varied in style and theme, but what brings them together here is the picture each poem created in my mind, whether it be by way of a single powerful line, a fascinating poetic voice, or the poignant depiction of real life heartbreaks, joys, frustrations. Every poet has captured a brief moment of light, made it dance, then fastened it on a blank page for us to read. I hope you enjoy Pinhole Poetry’s first issue!


Erin Bedford

Reading note: Some of the poems feature long lines. To preserve formatting and properly view the photographs, this issue is best read on a computer or tablet. If you are reading on your phone, please rotate it to landscape view and adjust your browser’s font size accordingly.

Cover Artwork: Ilya Inozemtsev, Freight Train Crossing in Muskoka, Kodak Portra 400 film – 6x9cm pinhole camera, 1-minute exposure, with just a few seconds after the train had passed allowing the scenery behind the train to be captured. One of the rewards of taking a detour from the main highway is discovering the unexpected, such as coming upon a railroad crossing with a long freight train passing, without an end in sight in either direction. It was impossible to see what was behind the large train cars, and yet the long exposure was able to capture it, while turning the passing train into a suggestion of movement and speed.

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