Thank you for reading this issue of Pinhole Poetry!  It is a celebratory issue, both of the beginning of our second year of issues and the end of such a successful first year. We have photographers and poets who were part of the first year of issues that have kindly given me more work to share. We have established poets, prizewinners, and poets who are just starting out with publication. The work in these pages is such an excellent representation of what I wanted Pinhole Poetry to be. Also, for the first time, we are publishing a collaboration between a photographer and a poet. This issue also features three poet/photographers who have shared both words and images. I am delighted to see this beginning to happen more and to see the beautiful artwork that happens because of these overlaps. In an upcoming issue, I hope to create more interactions of these kinds--a photo poem prompt feature, and perhaps eventually a poem photo prompt! 

When I began this project, with just a lot of ideas jotted down, some choice words as I navigated WordPress, and a few hopes for what Pinhole Poetry might become, I wasn't sure what would happen. I have been so overwhelmed by the positive response that the journal has received from the poetry and pinhole photography communities, and from the generosity of the poets and photographers who took a chance and submitted work. I set out to make Pinhole Poetry a more gentle space of publication, not just another part of the ever-churning machine, and this past year has been such a wonderful reciprocal experience of care. 

Thank you to all who have submitted, all who have had their work published, and all of you that take the time to read and share the issue. It means so much.

Erin Bedford

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