Seeking the Future 

By seeds in bird excrement 
By oil stains 
By insects 

By dripping melted wax in water 
By yew, oaks, and mistletoe 

By placenta 
By flour 
By saints 

By tea leaves, coffee grounds or rose petals 
By the study of entrails 
By eggs 
By shadows 
By flowers 
By strangers 

By patterns generated with palms nuts, opele, cowrie shells 
By minerals 
By mountains 
By the use of shuffle on a playlist. The lyrics of the random 
             song is the answer to the divinitory question 
By old shoes 
By beetle tracks 
By Mahjong tiles 
By onion sprouts 
By ridges on the breastbone 
By the moon 

By cracks formed by heat on a turtle’s plastron 
By the ravings of lunatics 
By feelings of fear 
By things found on the road 
By the howling of dogs 
By the throwing of stones 
By burning laurel wreaths, sage, or figs 

By random shouts and cries heard in crowds at night 
By second glances or double-takes 
By looking over one’s shoulder
By drawing sixteen lines in the sand 
By summoning the dammed 

By wishbones 
By cookies 
By itches
By Ogham letters 
By beans 
By pig bladders
By bumps on the skin 
By needles 
By celestial bodies 
By dreaming 
By large cities 
By crystal balls
By folding paper, especially money 
By speaking to the dead 

By blood 
By barley 
By wine in a brass bowl 
By secrets 
By fruit 

By observing the patterns produced by collection of human hair 
By burning straw with an iron 
By boiling a donkey’s head 

By frogs 
By coins 
By keys 
By delivery, especially the randomly-generated words 
        found on grocery bags to identify orders 
By swing of the phallus 
By laughter 
By stars 

By teeth 
By wheels 
By bounced pearls 
By wild hogs
By dizziness 
By dust 
By human sacrifice 
By rice gruel 

By rainwater, water current 
Water vessels exposed to air 
By horse, fish, rodent, ant, spider, crab, snake 
By migration 
By chance 
By fields of light 

Statement: This poem was created by cutting up the contents of a Wikipedia page called Methods of Divination. It is papyromancy, if you will.

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