I saw you jump into water,
where day does end 
 wrapped like a gift
floozy sun in your pants                                
I only half believe you will leave me for land
dying word’s flue because swimming
shoulders where breath ends 
eyes busy, yawning
                	 over purple horizon
        	             	   a sliced eggplant—
floating with your back on the water
I like you mild
I like me milder,
two waltzing bees in saltwater 
fugued from a capless bottle 
Lovemaking with the same dignity as walking
talking with free excitement,
reeling in your sun
like a gooseberry
My swimmer farthest from shore
has something to say 
but is embarrassed to say it.
A laugh lays down
the horizon 
l’aurore aux sandales d’or
Dusk rides
his own yawn 
I aim inside the golden belt
where dark eyes saunter	accents falter  	

from where you meet 		they go		not follow
Coal for killers 
             Ash for empires
                           Gem dealers 
                                 There a king without features
[			] 
Not worse to be brief:
convince fire 
to drink water

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