Submission Guidelines

Pinhole Poetry reads submissions on a rolling basis. In the body of your email, please include a short bio and any social media accounts or personal websites you may want us to share. We don’t want to discourage anyone with a lot of rules, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

For poetry submissions: Please submit up to five poems. Epic poems have their place, but it probably won’t be here at Pinhole Poetry. We encourage you to submit poems that are no longer than two standard pages. We will consider and challenge ourselves with poetry that falls anywhere on this spectrum:

Lyric |——–|——–|——–|——–| Narrative

but the poems that we gravitate toward usually fall somewhere between the first and third tick.

Only send us previously unpublished poems (that includes work published on your own website or to your instagram/twitter account). Use a legible 12 pt font. If you have special formatting requirements, please make note of it in your submission email.

Please state in your cover letter email if you are open to editorial guidance on your submitted poems. This guidance will be limited to poems that we want to publish. You can choose different answers for each poem you submit, but please make it obvious to us which ones are open to advice. Don’t be afraid to say “No thanks, not for me.” Trust your poem and your own instinct. Answer honestly. It’s not always easy-on-the-ego to get feedback, no matter how gently it is delivered. Of course that doesn’t mean you have to accept all suggestions, but it does mean that we will be working toward something together and we expect the working relationship to be kind, patient and cooperative on both sides. This way, if a poem is perfectly done in your opinion, but still not quite right for us, we’ll know to let that poem go to find a more suitable home.

For pinhole photograph submissions, only send work for which you are the copyright holder in jpeg format. Please include a title for each work, an artist statement (if it’s a series), and the type of camera, film/paper and exposure time if you have that information.

Submissions should be sent to titled simply as submission in the subject line. Attachments should be .doc or .docx for poetry and jpegs for photography.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but contact us as soon as possible if your work is no longer available. If we accept your work, please allow nine months from publication before you submit to us again. If we have said ‘no’ to your work and have not encouraged you to submit again, please wait six months.

We will pay an honorarium to each contributor ($5 CAD), but we’d be happy to reinvest it back into Pinhole Poetry if you so desire. We will share your work on all of our social media platforms and invite all interested contributors to be featured on our Interviews page.

Thank you for submitting. We can’t wait to look at your work!

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