Happy New Year! 

It's hard to believe that this is the last issue of our inaugural volume. Around this same time last year, the idea for this new poetry and photography journal came to me in the hazy in-between of wake and sleep. I couldn't be happier that I decided to make something of that particular idea and I couldn't be more grateful for the trust that so many talented poets and artists put in me and in this fledgling magazine. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have enjoyed working with so many wonderful contributors.     ~E.B.

Reading Note: This issue is best read on a desktop or tablet to ensure proper line breaks and maintain formatting. If you are reading on a phone, landscape orientation will work best. 


Katyn Memorial
Love and Autumn Leaves
Organic Dialogue
		~Jeff McConnell
On Seeing the Pictures from Deep Space
		~Elizabeth J. Coleman
Rusty’s got the blues		
		~Lana Crossman
		~J.R. Barner
		~Lauren Paré
		~Abu Ibrahim Ojotule
infinity minus
		~Italo Ferrante
Christmas Dinner
		~Frances Koziar
The Old Field Hit me like a Broken Dam
                ~James Preston
Seeking the Future	
		~Cid V Brunet
Suddenly a hand
Clouds in the museum
		~Jan Hinderson
Suffering through January	
		~Matthew Dawkins
Wind Warning
                ~Julia Hartline
table setters
		~Renée M. Sgroi
		~Ingrid Cui
Once Earth Had Just One Sea
		~Jeffrey Hermann
On the Anniversary of Your Death
		~Francine Diodati
		~Julie Roorda
List of Contributors

Cover Image: Ilya Inozemtsev, Muskoka woods - Kodak Portra 400 film - 6x9cm pinhole camera

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