The Bonfire’s Supper

twigs with magic moss/capped marshmallows/
taylor swift graphic tees/ocean sneeze/ribbons 
kelp & satin/fingertips/potato chips/pillowed pizza 
crust/wristwatch/cans (cola)/homework in confetti
bliss/textile stitch/walgreens receipt for cherry 
lipstick/white sand/pear cores/bubble gum strip/
banana bikini/blisters/shoelace knots/broken pencils/
spit-up sparks/plastic wrapper for paper straw/black 
olives/fizzled joints/clamshells/trap music/cans (beer)/
boom boom boom box/ten-character tweet/grapefruit
peel/salted tongue/worthless nickel earring/skin scabs/
purple seaglass/night scream/chipped tooth/tube 
of once-used lipstick/wax connections/solo cups 
with vodka stain/teardrop flood/comb scythes/cans 
(can’t)/unused condoms/spoiled hearts/cries 
from those who dared to dream/saltwater spray

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