Sturgeon Moon

pulled up by some thread
        slowly lifted
                 the Moon

bedding down in their rainless
                 the Cows

horns probing the settling night
        they seem to have known
                 this was to come for some time

Poppy is uncontainable and fluid-tight
        her contractions begin
                 thick and gnarled

I smoke beside the car as light comes over me
        the light of the Sun tossed back 
                 filtered through the substance of the Moon

I’ve been twice stung by wasps
        back of ankle, tip of ear
                 pain radiating down my neck

one day will I understand
        what this all means?
                 is there no meaning beyond how it feels?

the Sun in opposition to the Moon
        I’ve loved myself today

Moon fills pulls empties

fire works its way through my cigarette
        through the steady beat of insects
                I laugh under the light spread like silk between the Cows

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